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Our app can be used for most lower back pain

The app is suitable for:
  • New or recent onset of lower back pain
  • Recurring lower back pain
  • Lower back pain with leg pain you can cope with
  • Lower back sprains and strains
  • Mechanical lower back pain
  • If you have been advised or choose to self manage your injury
  • Whilst you wait for treatment on the NHS (e.g. Physiotherapy)
The app is not suitable for:
  • Under 18 year olds
  • People with worsening neurological symptoms (numbness, weakness , problems with bowel or bladder)
  • People with a known diagnosis that is not simple lower back pain (infection, rheumatological problems, neurological problems, cancer, kidney, fracture, pelvic organ pain)
  • People that are requiring on going close medical intervention or monitoring
  • People with very severe, worsening leg symptoms
  • People with back pain caused by disease.
We are only insured for UK users.
Important: this app requires access to the internet

Please note: We aim to support you though your recovery journey. Our app is not a substitute for medical assessment or treatment and if at any point you have any concerns please seek medical advice.