Become a getUbetter® treatmentZONE™ partner today


We aim to put patients in control of their recovery which includes choosing assessments and treatments. Becoming a getUbetter partner is easy. You register your business and then create a listing, which can be an assessment, treatment or investigation. getUbetter users will be able to see your listing and book. We charge you a small introduction fee (reduced to only £5 for the first year) when we first introduce users to your business.

Becoming a getUbetter partner is easy


You create your business profile by registering online below. Registration is straightforward, and you can edit your profile and listings at any time via our website and the results will display in the app.


These are the assessments, treatments or packages of care that your business wants to offer to the users of our app. Most professions are represented.
When a user wants a treatment, or it is recommended, they can search and filter the listings from within the app to find the most suitable one for them.


When a patient selects your listing they can book your offer at the tap of a button. We send you an introductory email, and charge you a £5 introduction fee*. You then contact the user and organise the booking: it’s simple.
*Subsequent bookings for the same professional service do not incur a fee.